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Hey, guys! Today is our traditional massage wooden spoons. Ordinary, but every time that you see it takes your breath away. And this wooden spoon only complements the massage. Have a nice watching. The great thing about the head and face is when these areas are massaged most people feel better and more relaxed immediately, due to the increased blood flow to these areas. Skilled masseuses often use massage balls on these areas. Massage balls have soft tines at the end and then rolled around the face and head, relaxation happens nearly instantly. With an increase in blood flow to the massaged areas combined with the skill of the masseuse, the head and facial massage with massage balls is a fantastic way to relax.

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Hello everyone! Welcome you to our channel. We are a small team who create hi-class asmr massage videos. On our YouTube you will watch full body, back, head, neck, hand and foot massages. Relaxing atmosphere, good sleep and positive emotions – all this you will get here. Subscribe to be notified of new videosund that there is no substitute for tradition. The old ways work because they are time tested, and the Slavic massage with wooden spoons is exactly that. This massage uses the Slavic techniques combined with wooden spoons to get the right type of pressure onto the area so that any tension and knots can be released. This massage can work on the full body or just the back, whichever area is causing tension will be alleviated when the spoons are put to work using this particular technique.

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