This massage is also called Creole.

The birthplace of Creole massage is the shores of the Indian Ocean. More than 5 thousand years ago, Creoles – French settlers in Africa, came up with this massage technique.
The main goal of massage with bamboo sticks is to harmonize all the processes that take place in the body. So, for example, massage has a beneficial effect on the skin, nervous system, and the functioning of internal organs.
To perform the massage, a large stick is used, designed specifically for body shaping.

The main indications for Creole massage are:

1. Obesity.
2. “Orange” peel.
3. Mental and physical fatigue.
4. Stress.

Creole massage is highly effective. Especially, it concerns the massage of the buttocks and thighs. It will take about 15 sessions to solve the above problems. It should be noted that the procedure is painless.

Creole massage technology.

Creole massage involves the use of two special bamboo sticks. Their dimensions directly depend on which zone will be processed. So, for example, large sticks are used to solve the problem of “orange” peeling and cleanse the body, and small sticks are used to strengthen muscle tissue and tone the skin. Masseurs also perform acupressure with the help of small sticks and act on biologically active points. The length of the sticks is on average 35 centimeters, in diameter – 3 centimeters.  One of the parts of the stick is filled with grain, the other is hollow.  This combination provides a unique sound effect. During the Creole massage, the healing properties of the following oils are actively used: almond, sesame, cypress, papaya, guava, avocado oils.

Massage technique:

 1. Rubbing.
 2. Kneading.
 3. Squeezing.
 4. Percussion techniques.
 5. Vibration.

At the first stage, the masseur performs deep rubbing based on the use of bamboo sticks. The main target is muscles. After that, intensive percussion techniques are performed in an approximate rhythm of 110 to 120 beats per minute. Since rhythm is of decisive importance, the procedure is accompanied by Creole ethnic music.
The masseur performs strokes on a tangent. Thus, it is possible to create additional vibration. The specialist works on biologically active points that are located in our body. Due to the careful study of certain points, body sensors “come to life”. The sticks used, corresponding to the contours of the body, perfectly restore the energy balance.

It is best to perform a massage after Hydromassage, showering or bathing, swimming in the pool, visiting the sauna or bath. After the Creole massage, you can also resort to a clay or seaweed wrap.

Experts recommend combining massage with bamboo sticks with other varieties: sculptural, plastic, Thai, anti-cellulite massage.

Features of the used bamboo sticks

In Asia, bamboo is a symbol of endurance and longevity. Therefore, it is quite natural that the use of bamboo sticks as the main tool for massage is extremely beneficial. These sticks are particularly flexible and durable.
Bamboo sticks allow you to use various techniques: rubbing, kneading, stretching, squeezing, twisting. It should be noted that in the process of performing the massage, all surfaces of the bamboo stick are used.

For Creole massage, the following types of bamboo are used:

1. Abkhaz bamboo.
2. Laotian bamboo.
3. Vietnamese bamboo.
4. Philippine bamboo.
5. Panamanian bamboo.

The most optimal option from the above is Laotian bamboo.

Creole massage has some limitations and contraindications:

˗ Period of pregnancy and menstruation.
˗ Skin diseases.
˗ Inflammation in the body.
˗ Varicose veins.
˗ Kidney problems.
˗ Tuberculosis.
˗ The presence of malignant tumors.

Unique properties of Creole massage:

Creole massage belongs to the category of highly effective relaxing treatments. If necessary, massage techniques can include elements that contribute to the breakdown of fats. Therefore, Creole massage very often becomes part of an anti-cellulite program.
Creole massage has a unique, relaxing effect. This effect is absolutely painless. In just one session of the procedure, you can relieve nervous and muscular tension, and completely relax. Due to the difference in the intensity and strength of the blows, tissue nutrition is activated, blood flow improves, and metabolic processes in the body are launched.

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