Honey massage

Honey massage offers a double benefit, because it combines the healing power of honey and massage effects in one procedure. Both massage and honey have been used for health and beauty for centuries.

A special massage technique allows honey to be absorbed by the skin quickly and effectively and literally immediately includes the metabolic processes and thereby have an impact on the entire body as a whole.

The composition of honey is unique, it contains 30-37 different Wellness elements. At the same time, our body wonderfully accepts honey, since it has already been prepared with the help of bees enzymes and is ready for absorption.  Moreover, vitamins and microelements in honey have a more active effect on the body than their synthetic counterparts.

What honey is used in the massage?

A beneficial effect on the body is achieved only if the masseur uses natural high-quality honey. So that honey can display his  healing powers, it is heated to  body temperature or little more.  It’s important that honey cannot be heated above 40 degrees, otherwise it will lose its useful properties.

The procedure improves your health, increases the protective functions of the whole body, which is very important especially in the autumn-winter season, when the morbidity of viral diseases increases. Honey massage that is used for various diseases of the respiratory system, which can accelerate the recovery and reduce the need for medical treatment.

This procedure is very important because it relieves stress, calms the nervous system, and normalizes the psycho-emotional state. This is a great opportunity to deal with tiredness and fatigue, nervous breakdowns and depression.  Massage with honey helps with insomnia and repairs body’s energy resources, harmony and balance.

What happens with our body during this massage?

Under the action of honey massage happens intensive skin cleansing – the layer of necrotic tissue is removed.  However, the cleansing takes place on a deeper level as well.  Honey gets deep in tissues and acts as a sorbent, absorbing accumulated toxins. 

Then, thanks to a special massage technique, honey associated with toxins is removed from the tissues to the surface, and at the end of the procedure, this substance is washed off the body.  

It is impossible to achieve a similar effect using other methods. Honey has an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect, it promotes healing of wounds etc.

After deep cleansing, the permeability of the skin improves, it actively gets useful substances from honey. Skin turgor improves, it becomes elastic, soft and feels nice

Massage with honey is often used to fight cellulite. Thanks to its ability to cleanse the organism, activate blood circulation, remove excessive liquid and toxins, refresh the skin with useful substances, this type of massage shows taut skin as a result.

Its effect on the organism is complex. Detoxification, improvement of blood circulation and tissue nutrition, recovery and activation of metabolic processes, toning, acceleration of regeneration processes – all this has a beneficial effect not only on appearance, but on overall health too.

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