Before taking head pills or painkillers, try acupressure. This method is actively used in Chinese medicine and its principle is to act on certain points.

“This method is based on the theory that the body can heal itself, you just need to start these processes. By stimulating the points, you release neurotransmitters, hormones, and endorphins that have a therapeutic effect,” says Malcolm Taub, MD, from the University of Los Angeles.

Pain Remedy

According to the expert, acupressure helps with stress and prevents or treats headaches. Dr. Taub recommends daily, at home, to perform such procedures for those who suffer from migraines:

“Did you instinctively rub your temples when you had a headache? This is one of the forms of such massage. When used correctly, many people notice a rapid reduction in headaches,” he says.

4 acupressure points for headache relief:

• The point is located between the thumb and forefinger. To find it, squeeze these two fingers, as with the “OK” sign. Between the thumb and forefinger you should see a bump on the outside of the hand. Put the thumb of the other hand on this place and press, then stimulate.

• Place at the base of the skull. To find this point, interlace your fingers and place your palms on the back of your head. Feel with your thumbs at the tender grooved points where the neck muscles attach to the skull. Once you find them, use your thumbs to stimulate those areas.

• On the top of the hand, find the groove between the fourth and fifth fingers (ring and little fingers) – a little higher towards the wrist. Press down on this point with your thumb and stimulate it.

• These areas are located on both sides of the shoulders, in the middle of the trapezius muscles. To find them, use the thumb and middle fingers of the opposite hand. Pinch the shoulder muscle and stimulate this point for a few seconds, then move up and down the muscle. It helps to relieve tension in the neck and shoulders. You can cross your arms over your chest and massage both sides at the same time.

Be healthy!

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