Reflexology has been used since ancient times. This method of medicine is still popular today. The essence of the procedure is to press on certain areas of the body, which can help both in maintaining health and in good health. Reflexology is a technique of “healing” by applying pressure to the appropriate parts of the body. Pressure points are found on the feet, hands, face and ears. This technique came from China, where it was believed that a person has energy channels, and it is their violation that makes the human body fight diseases. You ask why they press on certain places? To restore the opening of the very channels through which life energy can flow without restriction.

Who Can Do Reflexology?

There are as many as 7,200 nerve endings in just one human foot. Reflexology definitely needs to be performed by professionals to be effective.

How does reflexology work?

The process of pressure can have a relaxing effect. But the main effect is “healing”, help in gaining vitality, regeneration and cleansing of the body. Reflexology also helps with depression. Also, this technique will serve as a natural pain reliever for you.

And be sure to keep in mind that all actions must be performed by a professional.

And don’t forget about contraindications. They include pregnancy and various types of chronic diseases related to the circulatory system.

With love and care about you💋

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