In addition to the classic face massage, there are other types of massages that are gaining popularity. Techniques alternate or carry out one procedure.  When a masseur chooses the optimal type of massage, he takes into account the type of skin, its sensitivity and the severity of age-related changes.

1. Classic face massage

Classic facial massage is a mix of different techniques with which the hands act on the skin and facial muscles.


• Improves microcirculation and outflow of lymph fluid;

• Get rid of swelling, bags under the eyes;

• Increases tissue elasticity.

The young healthy complexion of the skin comes back and the depth of wrinkles decreases. The Jaw line becomes explicit.  During the session, a person relaxes, forgets about problems and calms down. His mood cheers up.

The classical massage consists of 4 movements:

  • Rubbing;

  • Stroking;

  • Kneading;

  • Vibrations.

All of them are carried out without excessive forces in a certain precedence.

Scheme of classic face massage:

* Chin is massaged from the lower point, located in the middle, to the earlobe;

* Then the area around the mouth;

* Later is massaged the cheeks and the outer corners of the eyes;

* Massages movements from the nose to the temporal region;

* And the forehead.

Professional masseurs devote more time to stroking movements, less to patting and vibrations. The duration of one procedure is half an hour.  In order to achieve a great result, spend from 8 to 10 sessions.

2. Plastic face massage

Mature skin is affected by a deeper type of massage – plastic. It restores the contours of the face and removes age-related changes. It should be performed in specialized beauty salons. The technique is the same as classic massage, only during the procedure, masseurs use special tools.


• Face skin becomes fresh, elastic;

* The complexion improves;

* Pores shrink;

* Oily sheen disappears;

* The oval of the face becomes clear;

* Wrinkles, nasolabial folds are smoothed;

* The tone of facial mimic muscles increases.

If you have oily skin, the specialist lubricates it with talc, and applies a moisturizer on dry skin.  Before a session of plastic massage, the skin is steamed.  The duration of one procedure is a maximum of twenty minutes. The full course consists of fifteen sessions. They are carried out every other day. The rehabilitation period after the end of the plastic massage course is 2 months. At this time, the masseur applies masks on your face and does maintenance therapy.

Plastic procedures are not performed for pregnant and nursing women, with high or low blood pressure, diseases of the blood, kidneys, and heart. They should be abandoned to people who have excess hair distribution on the skin or hematomas have developed, as well as those suffering from epilepsy, couperose, predisposed to capillary ruptures. Don’t carry out procedures after peeling, Botox, surgical interventions on the face and neck.

Initially, the specialist applies the same techniques as with classic massage. Then he carries out a deep kneading.  All manipulations are carried out along massage lines. The technique of plastic massage also includes tapping and vibration movements. After massage, the skin is treated with an alcohol tincture of herbs or an antiseptic.  The face is covered with a cold cloth.  After the session, redness and swelling persist for two or three hours.  If the procedure is done correctly, these changes pass on their own.

3. Pinch facial massage

Assumes an impact on clearly suffering problem areas: age spots, scars, deep creases on the skin.

4. Lymphatic drainage massage

Relieves swelling, bags under the eyes. After the procedure, the oval of the face and the skin on the neck becomes lifted.

5. Tibetan massage

Known since ancient times.  During the session, in addition to the face, head, neck, and decolletage area are massaged.  Since during the massage a masseur acts on bio-active points, the procedure has a healing effect on the whole body.

6. Buccal massage

When this technique is performed, the cheeks are massaged as inside and out buccal cavity. The masseur is doing the procedure in latex sterile gloves. As a result, the cheeks are tightened.

7. Asahi massage

It is a Japanese technique of cosmetic procedures. It’s effects on the skin and facial muscles. This type of cosmetic procedure is named a non-surgical facelift. Pressure is applied with the palms.

8. Spanish chiromassage

Effectively impact on dry skin affected by couperose.  During the session, the massage therapist constantly changes movements. In addition to fingers, he can use his elbows in the process.

9. Honey facial massage

Honey massage eliminates inflammation and increases skin vitality. Honey contains active substances. It releases toxins and gets rid of the fluid build up. During the procedure, masseurs use only natural honey.

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