Types of back massages

Back massage is an effective treatment and prevention of many diseases and pathologies. Types of massage are diverse, so it’s difficult to classify them. The same massage can have other name and theoretical or practical difference. Now we will consider the main types of back massage that commonly used in practice.

All massages are roughly divided into two subgroups:
~ Curative. Includes prophylactic and hygienic massage;
 ~ Relaxing. It helps to shake off the tiredness get rid and fight depression or bad mood. In practice, we faced with therapeutic massage, so need to know it’s types, indications and contraindications.

Types of therapeutic massage
Classic or how it’s also called Swedish. This is the most common type of back massage and suitable for all ages. It is missing of contraindications and has many medical evidence. Has positive effect on individual systems and for whole your body;
Acupuncture. During such a massage, a specialist influences certain reflex points on the back, which are responsible for the work of internal organs;
Vibrating. It’s a hardware type of massage, which is performed using a special device that transmits the vibration of a specified amplitude and frequency. This massage is so effective in diseases of the respiratory organs with stagnation phlegm;

Belongs to hardware techniques.  The back is affected by various jets of water. As example – Charcot’s shower
Cupping or vacuum massage.  Performed with special medical massage cups, increases blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage in place of impact

Lymphatic drainage.
It’s a Rejuvenating procedure, that improves skin;
Sports massage. Tones up muscles before exercise, help with your fatigue, protects against injuries during training;
Therapeutic massage for spinal pathology. Used for scoliosis, osteochondrosis, hernia, post-traumatic changes. This massage is performed by a specialist who chooses the area, the type of massage, the duration of the course and sessions.

Classic back massage.
Classical massage is the most popular. Method of its implementation includes 5 different massage techniques, each of which has its own objectives and tasks
All massages begins and ends with this technique. Stroking is done with both hands. Effect: relaxing and calming
Muscle rub

Performed with the palms of hands in zigzag movements. You need to move from the lower back to the shoulders. This allows you to improve the blood flow soft tissues

The movements are similar to the previous.  In this case, it’s best to lock hands together.  This increases the pressure on the back.  Particularly well petrissage affects muscles
 It is performed by quick blows of the u edge of the hands on the client’s body. Assists reflex and local irritant effect on the tissues of the back.

The methodology is in a quick shaking of the body with the forefinger and middle finger from the lower back to the neck.
Using of various types and massage techniques allows you to actively and purposefully influence the pathology in the body. In some diseases, massage becomes an important part of the treatment.  Not a negligible the precautions and perform massage only with an experienced and certified specialist, otherwise there is a risk of aggravating the situation.

Restrictions on the procedure, include the following diseases and conditions:
 •Serious damage to the spine;
• Injuries and damage to the skin;
 • Skin lesions;
 • fungal infections;
• infectious diseases;
• Thrombophlebitis;
• Skin irritation;
• Hypertension;
• Cardiovascular insufficiency;
• Oncology

Among the main indications for back massage are the following:
 • Acute back pain. The appearance of pain in this area is associated with muscle overexertion. This can happen when the roots of the spinal cord are pinched. In this case, a sharp pain won’t allow a person to move fully and in some cases can be bedridden;
 • Nervous excitability. Back massage has a relaxing and calming effect. Massage covers up almost any pharmacy sedatives;
 • Chronic fatigue syndrome.  People engaged in mental work are faced with distress, which leads to a weakening of the body;
 • Lowering of immune systems;
 • Cellulite;
 • Scoliosis;
 • Muscular hypotension;
 • Decreased skin elasticity;
 • Osteochondrosis

Before performing a back massage, you need to consult with a specialist. It will be possible to determine the state of health, to understand this technique is suitable for a particular patient
The surface to carry out the massage should be plane and tough, but it should be comfortable and completely enclose the body in order to ensure an even effect
The air temperature should be 18-22 for maximum comfort for visitors
To make sure better friction of the hands with the skin surface massage care are used: oil or greasy cream. For some types of massage, such as cupping, cupping-glasses are used.
Before the procedure, you need to take a shower, void the bladder and intestine

During the massage, it’s forbidden to press on the spinal, have an maximum mechanical effect on the area between the shoulder blades and the lower back
Movements should be directed from the center of the back to the periphery, low to high
During the session, should to boost strength
For hypertension, massage is performed from high to low, from the neck to the tailbone, so as not to increase blood pressure
It’s not recommended to perform a back massage at home, because there’s a risk of sustained contusions of the spine, muscles and ligaments

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