1. General concepts of Tok Sen massage

According to Eastern healers, health is closely linked with emotionally balance. This reflected in the ability to relax, enjoy pleasant moments, and self-control.  Among the principles of Chinese methods, which are focused on integrity, and the physical components of a person must also be too.

In our days there are such ancient techniques as Tok Sen massage. This technique is a part of the salutary practice of the Lanna Kingdom, which is over 5000 years old. Process of any type of Thai massage is aimed at interacting with the energy system, restore the flow of Chi.

A professional specialist will independently define those parts of the body that require more attention.  In places where tension is felt most of all, arise blockage of energy channels.

2. Massage Tok Sen: Session description 

Particular attention pays to the atmosphere during the Thai massage. For this, is created harmony: the color of the interior, aromas, sounds – all this should contribute to relaxation.  The therapeutic effect of Tok Sen is accompanied by tapping on the energy lines of a person in combination with yoga massage. During the procedure, are using special tools such as, a hammer or two or more tamarind sticks.

Tok Sen massage is completely painless. The rhythmic tapping has a soothing effect to achieve maximum relaxation of the whole body.  Soft pressure is carried out with thumbs, deep – with palms, elbows, knees and feet.

3. Massage with wood hammer: Indications

Tok Sen massage has a deep activation of biologically active points, which helps to achieve relaxation of tight muscles. The technique is effective for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, in particular – back, as well as some internal organs. Thanks to Tok Sen, tendons and ligaments can be put in the place.

A unique massage with wood hammer has a therapeutic result in:

• fatigue and absence of the life force;
• rehabilitation as a result of stress or after heavy physical exertion;
• immune failures;
• manifestation of psychosomatic diseases;
• decrease in muscle tone.

Tok Sen massage will restore energy states, cleanse the body and remove negative energy.

The benefits of massages are beyond question. Techniques of the Ancient East have an amazing power of touches. In addition to the therapeutic effect on the body, it’s also possible to maintain the young of the facial skin with the help of manual techniques, in which the Kobido massage is very useful.

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