Thai massage – one of the most ancient massage practices in the world. Its history goes back more than two thousand years.  
During this time Thai massage was learned outside of its homeland – Thailand.  Thanks to the high efficiency of this technique, it is popular all over the world.

Thai massage is a contact practice, which involves a strong influence of the masseur with the whole body on the client. Elbows, knees, and even walking on the back are used, thanks to which the effect on the vitality centers of the body is achieved. Its second name is yoga massage. During the session, the massage therapist helps the client to take asanas, which would be an impossible task for a beginner to master without external impact. If you plan to do yoga, start with Thai massage. This action will help prepare the body for further physical activity and achieve the result faster.

Types of Thai massage.

There are a number of different kinds of Thai massage, but perhaps the 2 most common are the traditional Thai massage and the oil massage. Essential oils are used for oil massage, which have a healing effect on the psychological backdrop of the client at the expense of aromatherapy. This type of Thai massage helps to relax and stabilizes the energy balance in the body and the emotional state of the patient.

Stages of Thai massage⬇️

Like any physical activity, Thai massage presupposes compliance with regulations and a high level of qualification of the massage therapist. During the session, the force of the impact increases smoothly to avoid injuries and sprains:

• At first, the specialist massages feet, acting on acupuncture points to relax the client and warm the body.
• Then, using smooth movements, brain activity slows to reduce stress and allow the patient to relieve tension and immerse yourself in meditation.
• The last stage is twisting and massaging the body with the help of elbows, knees and feet to get to the deep skeletal muscles, which are rarely involved in a sedentary lifestyle among city dwellers. The consequence of this lifestyle is atrophied tissues, fluid retention, pinched nerves and a feeling of heaviness in the body.  If it’s all about you, Thai massage is exactly what you need!


The main indication for Thai massage is a desire to achieve harmony for your body and soul. Complex effect on muscle tissue and joints helps to keep the body in tone and prevent the development of chronic diseases. If other massages help with local blocking problems, Thai massage is characterized by a strong therapeutic effect on the body as a whole.

The main indications for Thai massage:

• Normalization of metabolism in the body;
• Acceleration lymph circulation and drainage of fluid;
• Normalization of the circulatory system;
• Coping with stress and fatigue;
• Increased flexibility, strength and joint elasticity;
• The development of muscles, including the muscles deeply seated;
• Elimination of pain as a consequence of diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
• Increased immunity.

A Thai massage complex will provide good health for at least one year.

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