Swedish massage is a special treatment and diagnostic system developed by Professor Per Ling in the 19th century.

The peculiarity of this technique is that it affects not only the skin and muscles, but also the joints. Today it’s popular all over the world due to its simplicity of technique and efficiency.

Swedish massage techniques involve the implementation of a certain system of movements that promotes more active blood circulation and restores the elasticity of muscle fibers. It can also help joints regain flexibility and strength. There is no severe pain. The main goal is recovery, but weight loss is also observed – 1-2 kilograms.

Swedish massage technique:

Before the procedure, it’s recommended to warm up your hands well and lubricate them with oil. The oil is not applied to the skin itself. This technique includes several types of movements that must be performed in stages.

1. Stroking. At this stage, the skin and muscles are prepared for the beginning of the active phase of the procedure. Hands should gently stroke the skin.

2. Kneading. The skin is kneaded, compressed – more thoroughly and intensively than in the first stage.

3. Rubbing. At this stage, intensively rub the skin in circular motions. This increases blood flow and speeds up the healing of scar tissue.

4. Vibration + tapping. Tap the skin with the edge of your palm or fingertips. Movements should be fast and at the same pace.

About 70 % of the time is spent on rubbing, 10 % of the time on kneading, and 20 % on everything else. Hands work in sync. The course can be repeated at intervals of 1-2 months.

This technique allows you to painlessly increase blood flow, helping to treat arthritis and recover from serious injuries. The technique also has excellent anti-cellulite properties. Such a massage accelerates the process of lymph outflow and tones the muscles.

Who Shouldn’t Get a Swedish Massage?

Like any technique, Swedish has its contraindications:

• Varicose veins;

• thrombosis;

• neoplastic diseases, benign and malignant tumors;

• thrombophlebitis;

• high blood pressure;

• skin diseases;

• burns, wounds.

It’s also worth abandoning the Swedish massage for those who have gallstones.

Take care of yourself and your health!

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