Sensual massage with hot candles is a unique combination of aromatherapy, light energy, and SPA-body care.

The procedure, during which the massage therapist uses natural oils, promotes intensive hydration, nutrition, and regeneration of the skin. After the ritual of hot aromatic candles is performed, you will find a state of relaxation, and the skin will become soft and velvety.

Professional massage with candles affects several senses at the same time: tactile, sensory, olfactory. For this procedure, any aroma candles with a natural composition are used. The composition of aromatherapy candles includes high-quality natural ingredients – soy wax and oils to moisturize and soften the skin during the massage, relieve fatigue, improve blood circulation and mood.

Hot wax massage gives:

 • positive effect;
 • vivid impressions;
 • excellent mood;
 • charge of vital energy.

If you are being massaged for the first time, then you shouldn’t worry that a massage with a melting candle can cause any discomfort, because the melting point of the wax is low and your skin doesn’t burn.  Candles are made without paraffin, only from natural ingredients (soy, natural oils), therefore, under the influence of elevated temperature, they turn into a real balm and, after being applied to the body, are almost completely absorbed.

This technique has a positive effect both on physical and emotional health. The unobtrusive and pleasant aroma of the candle provides deep relaxation, relieving stress and depression, nervous tension.

Indications of this massage technique:

• age-related skin changes (wrinkles, stretch marks, sagging);
• loss of elasticity, naturalness of color, violation of the water balance of the skin;
• insomnia;
• overstrain (physical, nervous);
• chronic fatigue;
• loss of working capacity;
• decrease in vitality.

Benefits of this massage therapy:

• complete relaxation;
• massage movements relieve muscle tissue spasms;
• thanks to the effect of aroma additives, calming occurs, stress is relieved;
• The skin is enriched with healing vitamins, minerals, smoothed, and becomes soft, silky.

Massage with a candle with aromatic additives produces a miraculous effect, eliminates fatigue, gives harmony to the soul, and renews vitality.


The high efficiency and safety of the procedure allow the use of this technique for women, men without age restrictions.  However, there are contraindications for which massage with candle shouldn’t be performed:

• the presence of purulent wounds, fresh wounds or scars, infections;
• SARS, fever;
• pregnancy (1 trimester);
• malignant tumors;
• epilepsy;
• mental illness;
• Allergy to components of aroma candles.

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