There are many causes of knee pain: injuries from falls and training, and due to pregnancy or excess weight. In any situation, you will need treatment, but if you want a quick pain reliever, massage is the way to go.

Massage definitely improves your physical condition, because during the massage the skin warms up, and blood flow increases accordingly. If you massage regularly, your skin will become firmer.

Who is this type of massage for?

Massage in any case will be useful, even without the need. During the massage, pain and tension disappear, respectively, relaxation occurs. But sometimes massage is done as needed. For example:

• after blows to the body;

• after ligament rupture;

• in case of injury to the internal or lateral meniscus.

If you have significant injuries, trust the hands of professionals.

It’s better to refrain from massage in such cases:

• you are sick;

• you have recently had surgery or have been severely injured;

• you have an allergy that is accompanied by skin rashes;

• tumors;

• blood diseases;

• cardiac ischemia.

How is a knee massage done?

Light strokes. Here’s how to get started with a massage. As a matter of fact, finish too. Superficial stroking will help relax your body, while deep stroking will tone you up.

After stroking, it’s worth rubbing. The skin around the knee should be slightly stretched, because in this way the knee warms up, and blood flow to the joint increases.

Next, move the patella, holding it with your hand: up and down, diagonally and in a circle.

Massage features:

• The person should lie on their back with their legs apart. Roller under the knee will not be superfluous.

• The body must relax.

• Movement should be done in the direction of the blood and lymphatic vessels.

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