Hair, like any part of our body, loves care. And it has long been known that with regular head massage, the hair begins to grow better, become healthier and shinier, because the blood supply to the hair follicles improves, which cannot but affect the appearance of the hair.

Head massage helps to improve the blood circulation of the scalp and metabolism, also during the massage, the skin better absorbs oxygen and nutrients from medicines, which helps to strengthen and grow hair, giving them a healthy and beautiful look. So if you want to have healthy and shiny hair without dandruff, regularly massage your scalp at home.

However, in order for the head massage to bring more benefits, it must be done correctly and regularly, be sure to pay attention to contraindications, if any. Head massage is done over the hair.

Who would benefit from a head massage?

Scalp massage will benefit absolutely everybody, except for those with oily hair types, as it improves the performance of the sebaceous glands and this will lead to even more pollution of the hair. Also, you shouldn’t perform a massage if there are lesions on the scalp, fungus or pustules and with an inflammatory skin disease. In no case should massage be done to people who have baldness, as it will only contribute to the speedy hair loss. It should be done only in order to prevent baldness. Do not massage and people suffering from hypertension.

Massage will be most beneficial for those who have:

• dandruff;
• too dry hair and skin;
• hair loss due to exhaustion and improper regimen.

The best time for a massage and how to do it

Massage is best done before or during shampooing, as this helps the substances contained in shampoos and balms to be absorbed more efficiently. Massage should be done 1-2 times a week for 15 minutes. You can also massage the scalp after washing, however, if the hair is of an oily type, this will increase the secretion of fat.
To warm up the skin, head massage should begin with gentle stroking movements, further increasing pressure on the skin. At the end of the massage, you need to release the pressure again to a light stroke to relax the skin.

How to do a massage?

The massage should be done over the hair, but close to the roots, except in cases of seborrheic disease, then the massage is done with the hair up.
In this situation, hair parting is done with a hair comb, and 3-4 light strokes are done with the fingertips along the parting of the frontal to the back of the head, then 3-4 enhanced strokes to improve blood circulation. If the blood circulation of the brain is disturbed, then the auricle is massaged.
This is followed by rubbing the skin with semicircular movements with two fingers of one hand, with the other hand, at this time, you need to hold the skin close to the parting. This helps to activate the nerve endings. After that, with your thumbs, lightly press on the skin and shift it. This action can be combined with stretching.
The next technique is intermittent vibration. In this case, sharp, but not strong blows are applied to the skin in the parting area with fingers.
Such techniques should be performed on each parting.

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