Insomnia is a familiar to many of us unpleasant consequences of stress, various tensions or the wrong daily routine. How to deal with this problem?

For insomnia, general relaxing massage, acupressure and self-massage are effective.

With a full body massage, it’s necessary to massage the neck, shoulders, back, buttocks and feet. Ask a family member or friend who lives with you to massage your body, thus relaxing the muscles and preparing the body for sleep.

As for acupressure, it can be done by both another person and the person suffering from insomnia. The main points of pressure and massaging of the body are described below.

Feet. It’s quite effective to massage a point in the center of the foot for insomnia. This zone must be pressed and stroked with the finger of the opposite hand for 3-5 minutes.

Ears. If you are already lying on the bed and massaging the foot is uncomfortable, take care of the earlobes. Squeeze them with your index and thumb and also massage for 3-5 minutes.

Parietal fossa. Spend a few minutes also in the parietal fossa at the back of the head. You can find this point at the intersection of the lines of the auditory canals and the center of the head.

Head. Take a stick or rolling pin and roll it up and down along your head. At the same time, tilt your head to the right-left, back-up-down 20-30 times.

It’s worth noting that soothing herbs help fight insomnia in combination with massage. For example, a decoction of valerian is recommended to be taken three times a day, hop tincture – 2 times a day or just at night, dill tincture – also at night, hawthorn tincture – three times a day before meals, and lavender oil for insomnia should be smeared with temporal zone.

We wish you a good sleep💪

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