The term anti-cellulite massage is incredibly popular these days. Girls believe that this is the easiest and most enjoyable option. But is it true?

Here are 10 popular myths. Let’s go!

1. Anti-cellulite massage as a means to lose weight.

Every girl wants to find some miraculous way to deal with extra kilograms, which wouldn’t require restrictions on food and energy. So let’s start with the fact that the reduction of problem areas after massage is due to strong lymphatic drainage and the release of stagnant fluids. If you want the myth to become reality, you need to add proper nutrition and exercise to the massage, as well as a comprehensive body workout.

2. Massage should be painful and uncomfortable.

It’s worth remembering that the technique and intensity of massage should be selected individually. It doesn’t have to be intense, in most cases it can only hurt. Many patients have very sensitive skin, which can lead to bruising and bruising after massage. In addition, too much exposure can damage the subcutaneous fat layer and cause inflammation.

3. Massage burns fat.

Although it’s possible to “destroy” the subcutaneous fat layer if you try hard, this can lead to unpleasant results. The purpose of massage is not to burn fat, but to stimulate blood circulation, break down fat and remove toxins. Adding exercise and a healthy diet to an anti-cellulite massage can help reduce body fat. However, this option is only possible with an integrated approach to weight loss.

4. Reduce water intake during the course of massage.

This is a trick so that the patient feels the effect of the procedure, since during the massage liquid is released and it seems that it literally melts before our eyes. If you want to stay healthy, you must drink a lot, especially during anti-cellulite massage, so that the body cleanses and removes accumulated toxins.  Remember, however, that you shouldn’t drink after meals.

5. Don’t eat after the massage.

The question of food after a massage, as well as after physical exertion, is quite controversial. Of course, eating half a cake before or after a massage won’t improve your figure. If you have the right attitude to nutrition, then half an hour after the massage, you can eat food. Something such as a vegetable stew or a raw vegetable salad with olive oil, works well; keep track of the calories you consumed and expended in a day, and you will succeed.

6. It’s better not to play sports during the massage course.

And of course this is a myth, because sports activities will only improve your result.

7. Anti-cellulite massage hasn’t therapeutic effect.

The procedure has a therapeutic effect! In addition, massage stimulates metabolism, improves blood circulation, improves tone and general condition of the body. And of course, it models the figure, smoothes the skin and gives it firmness and elasticity.

8. To save money, massage is done only on visible areas.

Perhaps somewhere this is done in order to save money, but this is fundamentally wrong. Cellulite is a body problem, and those areas where it is most pronounced are the most problematic areas and are treated more accurately. However, the massage itself should cover all parts of the body.

9. Cellulite is congenital and must be dealt with.

No. This is wrong. Of course, there is a genetic influence. But cellulite can and should be treated by paying attention to diet and lifestyle, going to the gym and getting massages, but above all it is a matter of willpower.

10. One massage can help you lose weight.

Unfortunately, the process of getting rid of cellulite is a long and difficult process that requires an integrated approach from both the massage therapist and the patient. Of course, it all depends on the specific condition and metabolism of the body. The desire to lose weight requires a lot of willpower and endurance. There is no golden pill that will easily get rid of the problem.  Only your diligence and hard work will help you avoid the appearance of “orange peel” on the body!

With care and love, our team🫶🏻

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