Hawaiian massage Lomi-Lomi is one of the most ancient massage techniques. Its homeland is the Polynesian Islands. The name translates as “soft touch of the velvet paw of a cat.”

For a long time it was used by elders and healers. They were Men of Letters about the secrets of nature. This knowledge comes from the depths of centuries.

Lomi-Lomi massage technique was used for cleansing, healing and health promotion. At the base of this massage is the idea of ​​the harmony of the body and soul.

In the homeland of massage, this technique is used not only by healers, but also by martial arts masters. They use this technique to restore and strengthen. In Polynesian families, a woman performs a Lomi-Lomi massage to her husband.

The main components of this technique are: prayer, cleansing with salt, mental cleansing, bodily practices and work with energy. The combination of all these components provides a unique healing effect.

The first procedure of Lomi-Lomi massage lasts at least 3 hours. This duration is considered optimal for achieving positive results.

Since the session has a relaxing effect, a person can sleep after that for 1,5 days. The effect can be compared with the rest of a few days at the resort.


This type of massage is indicated for people who lack love and attention, as well as tactile sensations.  

With this technique, it’s possible to cope with depression, stress and neuroses. Patients cope with self-doubt and cure headaches. Massage is effective in diseases of the cardiovascular system, circulatory failure.


Massage can’t be used for poisoning, acute infectious diseases, elevated temperature, oncology, diseases of the lymphatic system, swelling, ulcers, wounds, abscesses, fractures. You shouldn’t resort to Lomi-Lomi massage in advanced age and under 5 years old.

Massage effect

Lomi-Lomi massage technique helps to cope with stress, panic attacks, eliminate restlessness and lethargy. It improves memory, perception, and normalizes blood pressure. In addition, this technique helps to get rid of pain. Under its action, it improves digestion, the condition with asthma and hearing. Massage completely restores the patient’s body on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Improves blood circulation. Muscles in the entire body relax, joint mobility improves.

In addition to everything, this type of massage activates perception and helps to get rid of old emotions. At the same time, the creative abilities of a person increase. Thoughts become clear.

This technique hasn’t analogues. It harmonizes all processes. As a result, it increases immunity and the body’s defenses. The person becomes less prone to stress. Decreased sensitivity to allergens.

One of the objectives of the masseur is to establish and alleviate emotional blockades.  These blockages can be established by the hardness or softness of the muscles, mobility or stiffness of the joints. They can also indicate the complexion and the rhythm of the patient’s breathing.

Massage technique

During a massage session, the specialist uses a large amount of different techniques. The session is accompanied by traditional Hawaiian songs and involves the use of essential oils. To perform the procedure, the phalanges of the fingers, finger pads, palms, forearms, knees, feet, elbows are involved. Sometimes, wooden sticks and stones can be used. Massage must be carried out in a strict sequence. The session begins with the treatment of the whole surface of the body. After that, the masseur acts on the subcutaneous adipose tissue.  Further movements are carried out with an effect on the joints and muscles. 

Then the specialist does massage of the internal organs of the thoracic and abdominal regions.

The next phase is chaotic and sample manipulations with the joints of the limbs, spine and pelvis. At the end, the “laying on of hands”.

Due to the involvement of the whole body, the technique provides high efficiency. The session lasts 1,5 – 2 hours.

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