Why does a cat need a massage?

• The cat begins to treat the person better. More trusting.

• Massage helps a cat with illnesses.

• Massage improves body flexibility in older cats.

Massage improves the blood circulation in your pet, and also increases the flow of oxygen to the tissues. It promotes relaxation, as a result of which it relieves muscle spasms and reduces pain, if present.

How to do it right?

To learn how to massage cats at home, consult a veterinarian. However, there are rules:

• Accustom the cat to massage gradually.

• Be aware that some cats are very sensitive to touch. Do not injure your pet.

• Cat’s emotions. Control them.

• Keep calm: the calmer the person, the more peaceful the cat will be during the massage.

Massage technique:

• Start with strokes.

• Make circular motions with your fingertips, starting at the head and then massaging the neck. Gradually move your hand a little lower.

• Then massage your back towards the tail and feet.


• Fever heat.

• The limbs are dislocated, broken, swollen, or the cat has a sprain.

• Severe shock or heart attack.

• Oncology.

• If the spinal discs are damaged.

With care for you and your pets. Meow💋

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