The foot is made up of a large number of bones, muscles and joints. So, they are connected with the whole organism. By massaging the reflex points on the foot, we increase blood circulation in the internal organs and, in fact, there is an effect on our whole body. Also at the foot are zones responsible for the flow of lymph.

However, before proceeding with the massage, we recall that it is undesirable to massage subcutaneous seals, fungal infections, and birthmarks.

Foot massage is done before bed.

For the procedure, people use a slightly warmed massage oil, such as lavender or coconut or any other.

It’s necessary to knead the feet in turn, rubbing the sole from the heel to the toes and back. Rub and twist each finger. Press several times on the foot from the sides. Next, massage the reflex zones, pressing and rubbing. After acupressure, it’s advisable to stroke the foot.  And then take a relaxed foot with your hand and massage the joints.

Particular attention should be paid to heel massage. Place your right hand on top of the foot, take it stronger, put your left hand under the heel. Gently pull the heel towards you and turn the foot a couple of times in both directions. And, leaving the left hand in the previous position, with the index finger and thumb of the right hand, pinch the outer edges of the heel in a circle. Then, with small circular movements of the thumb, massage the base of the heel.

The duration of the foot massage is no more than 5 minutes. But everyday or every other day.

Foot massage is pleasant and relaxing in itself. With regular procedures, it’s a good remedy for insomnia.

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