It’s no secret that massages are relaxing and healing. Today we turn our attention on the first variant.

Most people lead a sedentary lifestyle, work at a computer, drive a car.

Because of this, there are pains in the head, back, neck-collar zone. At the same time, sleep is disturbed, irritability, depression and apathy appears.

In order to avoid feeling unwell, to normalize blood pressure, massage is necessary.

Technique for performing classical back massage:

1. Stroking. Massage movements should start from the lower back towards the neck and shoulders, the process should be alternated up and down.

This technique should be performed for about 2-3 minutes, in order for a person to get used to the warmth of the massage therapist’s hands.

2. Rubbing. This technique is carried out from the sides of the spine and back.

It’s very important to rub the neck-collar area and shoulders well. “Rubbing” improves blood circulation and can even eliminate salt deposits and muscle tension.

This technique must be alternated with stroking, in order not to injure the skin.

It’s necessary to complete the rubbing process with gentle  movements around the entire perimeter of the back.

3. Kneading. “Kneading” is the most important and deepest massage technique.

In order to correctly perform these manipulations, it’s necessary to clearly understand human anatomy.

For this technique, it’s needful to fix the massaged area, squeeze and roll out. After receiving kneading, you need to again perform the “stroking” technique.

4. Patting. “Patting” is carried out with relaxed palms of the hands, for a softer effect – a palm in the shape of a spoon.

This technique is done on the muscles, skipping the bones, shoulders and kidneys.

Movements when taking “vibration” should be springy, short and painless, which improves blood circulation and muscle contraction.

Also, the “vibration” is carried out with the fingertips in a circular motion from the waist to the neck, gives relaxation to the muscles and promotes better metabolism.

You should finish the massage with relaxing, soft movements.

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