The scalp is closely connected with the brain, and therefore the impulses launched during the impact on it quickly penetrate into the cerebral cortex, harmonizing the work of the whole body. Talking about the massage, don’t forget about Eastern philosophy, which indicates that the whole person is “permeated” with biologically active points, each of which is responsible for the operation of specific organs and systems. At the same time, the overwhelming majority of such zones are located on the head.

What does scalp massage? :

• Activates blood circulation and lymph flow.
• Improves nutrition of soft tissues.
• Relieves muscle tension.
• Improves the mood and general condition of the patient.

Similar properties of the procedure are reflected in the appearance of a person: after a few sessions, the complexion and hair condition improve, mimic wrinkles disappear and the oval of the face is tightened.
In this way, head massage can be recommended for the treatment of headaches and neurological pathologies such as insomnia, disease prevention and rejuvenation.

Indications for head massage

This massage is indicated for people with neurological pathologies. First of all, it’s neurosis, neuritis, asthenia, chronic stress and fatigue, general exhaustion, drowsiness, insomnia, headache, decreased concentration, memory impairment, encephalopathy, etc.

Head massage is a medical procedure that has contraindications, that includes the following states:
acute inflammatory processes, increase in body temperature, blood and skin clotting disorders, oncological diseases, infections and mental disorders.

The main techniques

Professional masseurs use only their hands during the procedure, while at home you can resort to the help of mechanical or electrical devices.

• Classical massage is a succession of various movements – stroking, kneading, pressing and rubbing.

 • Ayurvedic massage aimed at biologically active points. For maximum relaxation, it is made with pleasant music using aromatic oils.

• Vacuum massage is characterized by the most intense effect on soft tissues.  With the help of special devices, the specialist normalizes blood circulation and lymph flow.

At home, it is easiest to do a massage aimed at relieving a headache. For this, it’s necessary to influence on the points that located:

• At the base of the eyebrows and in the center between the eyebrows.
• In the pit under the back of the head.
• At the temples.
• In the center of the cheekbones.
• In the area located 10 cm down from the base of the skull and 15 cm away from the spinal column.

The exposure time for each point should be at least 10 seconds. You can use oils or ointment with a warming effect.

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