Massage is a great way to excite and take care of your partner, give him the sweetness and diversify your intimate life.

Along with the massage, to create an unforgettable evening, it’s important to take care of a few things before it starts. The most important of these is the atmosphere. Therefore, prepare your workplace well. A great bed if it has a large and hard mattress, or a floor that needs sheets with soft blankets or a blanket. The main requirement is that your man be comfortable and relaxed, and you need free space so that he can move. Dimming the lights in the room, lighting scented candles, and playing relaxing background music can help your partner relax.

(Massage oil is also a very important item and you should have enough of it)

Last but not least, keep the secret. Prepare your man for the evening in the morning. Write to your loved one that you are looking forward to the evening to give him a massage. You can send a photo of your room with candles and massage oil. Thus, there will be no chance that your man will come home in a bad mood.

Then move on to the massage technique. 

First, you need to relax your man. Remember that your hands must be warm and that once you touch the man’s body with the first movement, you will no longer be able to break the tactile contact. Remember that you must continue to touch parts of the body, even the elbows or fingers. If contact is interrupted during the massage, the partner may feel abandoned, and sexual tension will subside. Start with regular strokes from his chest to his toes. Focus on your partner’s head and make sure it’s relaxed. If the head becomes heavy during the massage, this is a sign that he is relaxed enough to continue on.

Foot massage and not only…

Legs are one of the most erotic areas of the human body and contain many nerve endings. Foot massage is also one of the rarest caresses, which is why it is so intimate. To perform a foot massage, you need to sit next to your partner and put his legs on your knees as rollers. It is recommended to first dip the person’s feet in a bath of hot water and baking soda. This will soften the skin of the legs and prepare them for further action. Move from the tips of the toes to the calves, kneading and returning, as if gently stroking. Stretch diagonally with both hands from his toes to his heels, stroking with your palms. Particular attention should be paid to stimulating the pressure points responsible for erection, which are located under the metacarpal bones of the feet. In both cases, a man needs to prepare before the erotic part. Remember that during the massage, a man needs to relax as much as possible and “wake up” when he can be half asleep. This can be done as follows: from the chest to the stomach, going down in a circular motion around the navel. Avoid touching his penis and tease the man to look at your arousal. Bring your palms close to the penis and massage the pubic area and thighs, making sure that he fully enjoys your caresses. By this time, the man should be sufficiently aroused to experience an orgasm with direct stimulation of the penis with the hand or vagina. Keep in mind that if a man has been aroused for a long time, he may need very little stimulation to reach orgasm.

Oh this is a very interesting topic) We wish you and your partner a wonderful massage)

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