Foot massage

In our days, mostly to improve the overall health, people resort to back massage or any separate zone of the spine, and foot massage is usually not used either in a complex of procedures or as a separate type of massage. Most likely, a lot of people haven’t even tried this massage.

Experts in this area argue that a person’s well-being and overall health in general, depend more on the state of health of the legs. There are about 15000 nerve endings in our feet, which are directly connected to various organs and the spine.  Therefore, massaging the legs (fingers and feet) will help get rid of many health problems, as well as prevent their occurrence in the future.

Everyone every day faces a number of tests affecting health: work, study, travel, business trips, shopping, etc.  Some people lead a sedentary lifestyle, others on the contrary, try to move as much as possible, “Not get stuck in one place”.  All people have one thing in common, in each case our legs are involved.  It is very important to give a moderate load to the legs, but it is equally important to give our legs “unloading”, that is prevention of well-being (in some cases, as a method of treatment) can be a foot massage.

Benefits of foot massage

Massage allows to stimulate the immune system, relieve stress and improve overall health. Massaging the feet stimulates the lymphatic system, improves blood circulation, reduces tension in the muscles not only in the feet, but of the whole organism in general. Foot massage helps to restore the functioning of internal organs, and also reduces joint pain and back.

Oriental medicine is based on the theory of “pressure points”, that is each human organ is directly connected with a specific point located in an area of ​​​​the foot, therefore, pressing these points during a massage allows to eliminate specific problems in the body. This theory explains the effect of foot massage on the whole system.

So, foot massage has therapeutic and preventive properties, allowing to solve a health problems:

* improves blood circulation;

* has lymphatic drainage properties;

* Promotes the rapid healing of tense muscles and sprains;

* reduces muscle spasms and stiffness;

* reduces pain and swelling;

* allows to increase the range of motion and provides joint flexibility;

* strengthens the immune system;

* applicable for disorders of the digestive diseases, acute respiratory infections, irregular heartbeat, migraines, neuralgia, stress;

* allows us to get rid of insomnia, etc.

Foot massage has a contraindications:

* thrombocytosis;

* oncological pathologies;

* heat;

* active case of tuberculosis;

* skin and/or infectious diseases;

* joint inflammation;

* open wounds.

Also, experts don’t recommend massaging the feet on an empty stomach, or immediately after eating.

In this way foot massage has a powerful relaxing effect, relieves chronic fatigue syndrome and improves overall health, improves blood circulation and skin nutrition, has the properties of lymph movement and relieves muscle tension. Due to this, insomnia, pain and swelling in the legs disappear and a feeling of internal comfort comes, and with it healing.

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