Exclusive massage for the face and neck with rose petals is an intensive restoration and hydration of the skin!

The procedure includes:

• deep cleansing of the skin,
• biological peeling; 
• massage;
• elixir with rose petals with a powerful and long-lasting moisturizing effect, refreshing tired skin and restoring its radiance, elasticity and tenderness.

This treatment reinforces the skin’s protective barrier and prevents skin dehydration. Perfectly moisturized skin looks fresh and rested. Enriched with beneficial substances, the skin is stabilized – it becomes more elastic.

This massage technique:

• Relieves stress;
• eliminates wrinkles;
• stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin;
• moisturizes the skin;
• brightens pigmentation;
• gives a rejuvenating and tightening effect;
• makes the skin of the face fresh and radiant;
• relieves inflammation and skin irritation;
• has a prolonged effect.

This procedure is for all ages and skin types.

Massage with rose petals is an elixir of youth and vitality, has therapeutic properties, and is also a natural source of amino acids and Trace elements.

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