The benefits of classic face massage

The main effects and what benefits you will get from a classic facial massage:

• Improves skin tone and health.  A refreshed appearance and healthier complexion.
• Improves blood circulation, so skin cells with oxygen and nutrients too.
•The backflow of lymph is activated, which means that swelling disappears, metabolic waste products are quickly eliminated.
• Mimic muscles are strengthened and toned by direct and reflex impact.
• The skin of the face becomes more toned and clear.

Indications for use classical face massage:

• Reduced skin tone. A feeling of thinness, flabbiness, fatigue, pale complexion.
• Dryness or swelling of the skin are usually associated with disturbances in the circulation of the body’s natural fluids, and classical massage normalizes them.
• Mimic wrinkles. Correcting the tone of the skin and mimicking muscles can smooth them out, before the changes will be fixed.
• Just preventive changes. This is a really extensive indication – strictly speaking, it is suitable for every person who wouldn’t like his face to begin to age before himself.

Contraindications of the classic face massage:

• Viral or bacterial disease in the active phase, a period of exacerbation of a chronic disease, fever. You shouldn’t make a facial massage at such a time – your body is better off focusing on solving more pressing problems. If you want to make massage procedures during an illness, then it won’t be effective enough on its own, or it can lead to worsen
• The same especially applies to oncology and blood diseases.  In such cases, first of all, it is necessary to deal with this main problem, because the local activation of blood flow in any area, which occurs under the influence of massage, can have undesirable effects.
• With great care and only with the direct, explicit and unequivocal permission of your attending physician, you can do face massage for hypertension with pressure above 140/90 at rest.
• You should also refrain from any type of massage if there are unhealed lesions and inflammation in the massaged area.

Classical face massage technique

A classic facial massage is made with massage cream or with oil, because it improves slipping and redirects the kinetic energy of the masseur’s hands to the important objects of influence.

Correct movements of a classic face massage

In this type of massage, are used the following movements:

• stroking
• rubbing
• kneading
• vibration

Stroking and rubbing are the most important in this situation, however, to achieve the best effect, all types should be alternated.
It’s important not to apply excessive efforts, because in the technique of classic face massage, the masseur works only with his fingertips, with high smoothness and soft sliding – after all, the facial muscles are close under the skin, and there are a lot of nerve endings on the face compared to other parts of the body.
The face is very sensitive to massage, therefore, even a slight impact is enough for the desired effect, if acted correctly.  But therefore, an overly active influence easily crosses the edge of reason.
Classic massage is carried out without interrupting  your hands off the client’s skin.

Areas and lines of classic face massage

Movements in the technique of classical face massage mainly correspond to the lines of the least skin tension and are directed from the center to the periphery of the face.

•From the center of the chin to the lower edges of the auricles, and then down again, along the side surfaces of the neck.
• From the corners of the mouth to the ears.
• From the wings of the nose to the temporal area.
• From the center of the forehead to the upper edges of the ears.
• Circular movements around the eyes. First from the temples to the nose along the lower eyelid, then from the nose to the temples along the upper eyelid.
• The forehead should be massaged too, in the center and along the hairline.

What can’t be achieved with a classic face massage?

The classic massage technique doesn’t give such a pronounced lifting effect as more modern methods specially for this. So if among the benefits of face massage for you is the most interesting lifting effect, pay attention to my fascial facial massage.

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