Classic back massage

1. What is a classical back massage
2. Methodology for the classical back massage massage and how it can influence
3. Back massage stages
4. Indications for classical back massage
5. Contraindications for classical back massage

1.What is a classic back massage

The first mentioned of this type of massage for health originate from ancient China. Also, by that time, the first recognition of its beneficial effect on the body: improved blood circulation and lymphatic flow, immune boost and protective reactions. And also has been noticed effective relaxing and calming effect on the nervous system and positive emotions, which are inherent part of massage.
A classical back massage is of particular importance for the body. Actually back is a shield for all internal organs. But modern life, which includes stress, a sedentary lifestyle and many other, are disappointing processes in the muscle tissue of the back.
So, for example, static tension and subsequent stagnation in the muscles lead to decrease motor functions of the upper limbs, to curvature of the spine and a deterioration of blood supply, which can cause different neuralgic diseases. As a result of all these changes, a there is potential for a deterioration in person’s psycho-emotional state and even the development of chronic diseases of internal organs.
In this case, a classical back massage can give not only emotional discharge to the patient, but also contribute to the overall physiological sanitation of an organism. But, the main function of this therapy is the treatment and prevention of diseases of the spine, including all kinds of osteochondrosis.

2. Methodology for the classical back massage massage and how it can influence

Classical back massage implies the impact on the muscles of the neck and shoulders, scapular, rectus and oblique muscles of the back and the lumbar – sacrum section.  Due to the fact that the back has a significant amount of muscle mass, it takes both time and effort to deeply massage.
However, at the same time, the thickness of the muscular covering of the back that makes this type of therapy the safest for the internal organs and blood vessels. 
This procedure should be performed only by specially trained medical personnel. Because one accidental direct impact on the spine can cause irreparable damage to the body.

A classic back massage include  four stages:

 3. Back massage stages
1st stage – preparatory. It consists in warming up the muscles of the back, which leads to improved blood supply, stretching of the skin and the upper layer of muscle tissue for further impacts.

2nd stage – mid-deep. At this stage, the muscles of the back are massages at mid-deep. At this moment, the intensity of blood circulation increases and the motor skills of the limbs is normalized.

3rd stage – deep. At this stage,  efforts are required to warm-up and massages the lowest layer of muscle tissue, which is responsible for maintaining the spinal column in the vertical direction. This stage, as a rule, lasts the longest, since it takes a lot of time to achieve the maximum effect.

4th stage – final. At this stage, all inputs are aimed at relaxing the back muscles, which have been subjected to tonic and warming exercises for a long time.

4. Indications for classical back massage

Indications for using this therapy can provide as various gynecological, neuralgic and cardiological diseases, as well as:

•diseases and dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system;
•declining elasticity and resilience of the skin;
•decreased overall muscle tone;
•disruption of cellular metabolism;
•chronic fatigue syndrome;
•back pain and others.

In addition, a course of classical back massage can be prescribed for the rehabilitation of the body after various injuries of the musculoskeletal system, including injuries of the spine

5. Contraindications for classical back massage

Unfortunately, for some people, in connection with their health, classical back massage can be contraindicated. It’s not appoint for:

• acute inflammatory processes in the body;
• hemostasis disorders;
• increased body temperature;
• skin diseases;
• some metabolic diseases;
• thrombophlebitis;
• oncological diseases.

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