For many, a clear oval face and sharp cheekbones are a sign of not only beauty, but also youth. But what to do in this case, the owners of chubby cheeks? Hoping for surgery is at least an expensive undertaking. In addition, not everyone is ready for such drastic measures.

Let’s take a look at some exercises that can give you some results!

Exercise 1. Start by warming up. Warm up the desired area with your hands for about 10-15 seconds to prepare your face for the next exercise. We recommend using a light oil that suits your skin. This makes the skin less prone to injury and stretching.

Exercise 2. Next, form a “hook” from your fingers and place it on the base of your cheekbone. With firm pressure, pull from the base to the temples. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise 3. Next, put two palms on the lower part of the oval of the face, press hard and move in a circular motion closer to the cheekbones. It’s simple: we took the starting position – ran our hands over the cheekbones – fixed it. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise 4. Then place your finger bone directly under the cheekbone, press firmly and hold for about 10 seconds. Then again hold this position for 10 seconds. Repeat 10 times.

Exercise 5. Place the palm of one hand on one side and the palm of the other hand on the other to form a triangle. With strong pressure we spread our hands at the temples. Repeat 10 times.

Important! The main thing – don’t forget to properly warm up your face before self-massage. Start with 10 repetitions and over time you can increase the number to 15-20.

After the massage, wash your face with cold water and apply a daily skin care cream. Ideal – a cream with a lifting effect.

With care about you 😻

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